CCAP Membership

CCAP is open for regular membership to business entities (corporations, partnerships or single proprietorships) with a serious interest in achieving effective refrigeration and distribution for better preservation of food and other commodities and whose business activities are included in the categories listed below:

  • Food Importation / Processing
  • Cold Storage Operations
  • Refrigerated Transport (Trucking / Shipping / Air Freight)
  • Retail / Food Distribution
  • Food Service

The Association’s charter also allows associate memberships for companies whose business activities may directly or indirectly correlate with those of the regular membership, e.g., equipment suppliers, constructors, as well as professional organizations whose expertise may likewise benefit the industry, e.g. designers and consultants.

Benefits of CCAP Membership

CCAP membership entitles one to receive the following benefits:

  • Having a collective voice / lobby group for establishing the industry’s position with government and/or other industry groups on policy issues and program development.
  • Being equipped with a mechanism to ensure compliance and/or enforcement of operating standards and practices, particularly Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).
  • Coordination among different member companies and organizations / sectors for synergy in business development and planning strategies.
  • Open linkages to the international cold chain community and access to updated information on technology and industry developments through the CCAP’s affiliation with international organizations, such as IARW and WFLO.
  • Negotiating leverage in procurement of equipment, parts and supplies through pool purchasing program.

Other membership benefits include:

  • Opportunities for training in the form of conferences, seminars and forums.
  • Access to relevant documents and information materials on both the local and international cold chain industry with continuous updates on current issues, practices, regulations, trends and technologies.
  • Access to CCAP’s roster of contacts and representatives from the government, academe and industry in both the local and international cold chain scene. The CCAP closely coordinates with the Department of Agriculture (DA), and has, as part of its advisory group, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

As international affiliate of the IARW/WFLO, the CCAP and its members have the privilege of availing essential reference information on subjects covering the full range of operations and management of public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) facilities as provided by the IARW and WFLO. Subjects range from product care, facility design, food science, productivity, and safety, to virtually anything else pertaining to successful cold chain operations. Manuals, newsletters, surveys, reference documents and videos are available.

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